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Thai-style Red Curry of Mahi Mahi & Oyster Mushrooms

27/11/2018 Posted by admin

Recipe from sydneyfishmarket南京夜网.au/seafood-school/Serves 6


800g mahi mahi steaks, skin off1 tablespoon vegetable oil1 tablespoon coconut cream (see notes)1⁄2 cup red curry paste (see notes)100g oyster mushrooms, sliced1 cup coconut milk (see notes)1 teaspoon palm sugar1 tablespoon fish sauce1 lime, juiced3 kaffir lime leaves, very finely shredded (see notes)Steamed jasmine rice, to serve2 limes, cut into wedgesMethod

Cut fish into bite-sized chunks.

Heat a wok or large saucepan over a medium heat. Add the vegetable oil and coconut cream and stir for a minute. Add the curry paste and cook for a few minutes until oil rises to the top and it smells fragrant.

Add the fish and toss well to coat in the curry paste mixture, add mushrooms, coconut milk, palm sugar and fish sauce, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 3-5 minutes, until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork.

Stir the lime juice and most of the kaffir lime leaves through, garnish with remaining kaffir lime leaves and serve with steamed rice and lime wedges.

Notes: If time permits make your own coconut cream and milk, otherwise use a good brand of coconut milk (such as Ayam) and you should be able to use the thick coconut cream that settles at the top of the can to fry the curry paste. Use a good commercial curry paste such as Simon Johnson’s, Christine Manfield’s or Charmaine Solomon’s; if using an Asian curry paste, be aware that it may be stronger and you may need to reduce the quantity by up to half. Kaffir lime leaves are available from fruit and vegetable shops; they’re usually joined in pairs, 1 lime leaf equals 1 pair.

Alternative species: mackerel, morwong, striped marlin, tuna, yellowtail kingfish.

Recipe fromhttp://www.sydneyfishmarket南京夜网.au/seafood-school/

53kg python slithers in for yearly checkup

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Monster the reticulated python weighed 53kg at her last check-up in 2017.At last check, Australia’s largest python in captivity Monster weighed in at 53 kilograms and measured 5.28 metres – but after a year on a goat diet, it’s time for her annual weigh-in.

Monster will slither onto the scales at 10am on Thursday at the Australian Reptile Park for her yearly check-up.

Zookeepers will be on alert though, following an outing in December when Monster bit experienced reptile handler Jake Meney on the hand while he and others were carrying her to get some sun and fresh air.

“It was crazy, I had the longest species of snake hanging off my arm,” Mr Meney said at the time.

He has since recovered from his little “love bite”.

“She is a good snake, it was just that day was hot and pushing 40 degrees,” Mr Meney told AAP.

Reticulated pythons are so dangerous they have been known to swallow humans whole in their native southeast Asia when they take a bite before coiling around the victim’s neck and suffocating it.

In 2016, Akbar Salubiro, 25, was swallowed boots and all by a 158kg reticulated python while harvesting palm oil in Indonesia, however, Australian zookeepers say Monster is happy with her goat diet.

Australian Associated Press

Sydney’s new light rail delayed until 2020

27/11/2018 Posted by admin

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance says Sydney’s light rail must meet a 2019 deadline.Sydney’s troubled light rail project is at least a year behind schedule, Transport Minister Andrew Constance has been told by the consortium building the project.

The light rail running from the CBD to the eastern suburbs was meant to be finished in 2019 but AAP understands Mr Constance was advised by contractor ALTRAC on Thursday the new completion date was March 2020.

The news comes less than a week after the state government was taken to court by Spanish subcontractor Acciona, which is the firm building the $2.1 billion project.

Acciona has accused Transport for NSW in the NSW Supreme Court of engaging in “misleading or deceptive conduct” in relation to the contract.

The company wants another $1.1 billion from the government, which is fighting the claim.

The light rail was originally budgeted to cost $1.6 billion before a $500 million blowout.

Acciona’s new demands threatens to double the original cost.

Mr Constance on Thursday accused Acciona of playing games and said the government still wanted the light rail finished next year.

“We want to see it delivered in 2019 as per the project deed,” the minister told 2GB radio.

“It is vital that ALTRAC accelerate and get on with their program. We have businesses and residents being hurt by their actions and inactions.”

Opposition Leader Luke Foley says businesses along George Street are suffering the most.

“The people I’m concerned about are the small business people who are hitting the fence – their revenue is down 60 or 70 per cent or more,” Mr Foley told reporters.

The Labor leader said the government, in particular Mr Constance and Premier Gladys Berejiklian, was treating business owners as “collateral damage”.

Mr Foley said Mr Constance had handled the project badly but it was his predecessor as transport minister, Ms Berejiklian, who needed to accept overall responsibility.

“I feel a bit sorry for Andrew Constance, I mean, he’s got the hospital pass of this dud light rail project from the premier,” Mr Foley said.

“She has to explain what her plan is when it comes to light rail because it’s her baby, this project, and it’s a disastrous project.”

Australian Associated Press

Police appeal to find Hunter man Luciano Dos Santos Pedroso

27/11/2018 Posted by admin

MISSING: Luciano Dos Santos Pedroso. Picture: NSW PolicePOLICE are seeking public help to find a man missing from Duns Creek, north of Maitland, since Wednesday.

Luciano Dos Santos Pedroso, 42, was last seen leaving Uffington Road about 10am in a white Toyota Hilux ute.

The vehicle had Queensland registration 494 WLY.

Police were notified when he did not return on Wednesday evening.

“There are serious concerns for the man’s welfare as he suffers from a medical condition and requires medication,” police said in a statement.

He is described as of South American appearance and about 170cm tall with medium-length straight brown hair, arm tattoos and half of his right index finger missing. Luciano was wearing a red flannelette shirt and blue jeans.

Anyone that sights Luciano or has any information on his whereabouts is urged to contact police or Crime Stoppers immediately on 1800 333 000.

Plan for a bright future

27/11/2018 Posted by admin

ADVICE: Sharlene Norris is a Financial Planner with Stateplus, one of Australia’s leading providers of financial planning.

There’s been a great deal of talk in recent years about how much is enough for a comfortable retirement. It’s a long held view that financial planning is for the wealthy and only those with considerable assets can truly plan for an enjoyable retirement.

Sharlene Norris is a Financial Planner with StatePlus and suggests that securing financial comfort for our later years is available to everyone.

“Financial planning is appropriate for all people, irrelevant ofincome or assets. If a client can get their finances in order, wealth can be created over time,”

She suggests that a “little and often’ approach isthe best way to begin to plan for the future, advising that the earlier you start, the better.

“Generally I would encourage clients to seriously plan for retirement about 5 yrs out from their planned retirement date, however I would encourage people of all ages to start to consider saving for retirement much earlier,” she adds.

So if regular savings can set you on your way, why see a financial planner?

“Seeking advice from a professional means individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their financial and personal goals and how to achieve them, whilst becoming aware of opportunities to take advantage of now.

“ Issues such as how they want to spend their time in retirement, if they want to remain in their home, downsize, or make a tree change, form part of the discussion and the Financial Plan can then provide specific strategies to help meet the individuals goals or help provide alternative options.”

Norris says a reputable firm can be sourced via the Financial Planning Association website and check if a firm has a strong group of Certified Financial Planner practitioners on board. The key, she says is to take action,

“Generally the average Australian leaves the decision to start planning for retirement too late or is under the misconception that mandated superannuation contributions from their employer will provide them sufficient resources for retirement.

“Seeking advice can help them understand their current position and the possibilities or options that may put them in a better financial position could help provide a better quality of life in the future.”

“The average comfortable lifestyle requires an income of approximately $60,000 per annum. With life expectancies continuing to increase, individuals are having to ensure they have adequate resources at retirement or face the dilemma of working longer than anticipated or accepting a lower standard of living.”

Stateplus is a Newcastle based firm that provides advice for everyday Australians to reach their retirement goals. For a free of charge initial consultation contact: 4016 2203 or visit www.stateplus南京夜网.au