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Trying something new no reason for smears

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DISHING IT OUT: The Vegemite toast on offer at Darby Street’s Core Espresso has become front-page news in Sydney. Reader Kerry Redman questions the outcry.

WELL,the good old Aussie toast and Vegemite from Newcastle (“When Vegemite goes viral”, Herald 19/4)has hit the front pages of Sydney newspapers.May I offer some advice to the almighty Sydney chefs criticising it, Mr Matt Moran (“That is going too far”) and Mr Colin Fassnidge (“so far off the mark”)?Why can’t you offer some encouragement to a couple of young people who are working hard trying to make a living in a very competitive area while keeping some young people employed instead of passing on your criticism?We all know they will never be as goodas you, all we need do is ask you. As for someone who has toast and vegemite for brekky at a restaurant, get off your lazy bum and make it yourself.PS. This little restaurant makes a beautiful coffee.

Kerry Redman,WaratahSPREADING THE BIG ISSUESTHE world and Australia are in very good shape.The economy is booming and poverty has been eliminated. War and terrorism are no longer with us. Famine and disease are just distant memories. Domestic violence, the sexual abuse of children, and all other crimes have been eradicated. Global warming has been brought under control.

It must be so. If it were not, we would have no time to be concerned about the proper method for serving Vegemite, the religious beliefs of rugby players, what days are appropriate for the first screening of a new movie, or how best to televise the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony.

Ian Roach,New LambtonARE WE REALLY JUST RUBBISHWHY is Australia unable to properly sustain the recycling of all our waste? It’s alarming that the efforts of the public to sensibly attempt to have increasingly scarce resources reused, go to waste. Do we have to have other countries take on our responsibility and wipe our bums? If governments aren’t mature enough and willing to be part of conservation,as they aren’t proactive in supporting renewable energy sources,then we need legislation to make the producers of all the unnecessary pollution responsible for the waste products they foist on us.

It’s a damning indictment of governments paying only lip-service to protection of our environment.I would also like to add my voice to those trying to put an end to the cruel and unnecessary live animals export trade. If the recipients of this monstrous business are not willing to pay for the humane transport conditions of livestock and don’t want us to provide meat killed from our abattoirs, it’s time they get what they want from elsewhere. The livestock industry is worth more than the financial rewards received, and the grief we have witnessed brings only shame.

Anne Phillips,WallarahMORE TO IT THAN MARKETINGMARK Creek (Short Takes19/4), your comment that it was a lack of marketing skills from business owners during Supercars to blame for their poor patronage is way off the mark. If it was only one or two businesses complaining, you may have a point. The fact was, depending on the type of business, if you were inside the precinct, you did well.If your business was outside the precinct, it was like a ghost town – before, during and after the event.

This was well documented in the pages of the Herald, and suggests problems far more structural than just a lack of marketing skills. I think Christine Everingham is spot on in her analysis. Large, disruptive events are increasingly being questioned and challenged in favour of low impact, sustainable tourism, the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast being the latest.

Supercars will eventually go the way of the dodo – it’s just a shame that Newcastle City Council and Destination NSW were looking in their rear vision mirror instead of the future when considering this event.

Andrew Myors,Newcastle EastFRIED OUT ON PARKING HUNTSTREWTH, I am in Marketown, and after four circuits of thelanding site I’ve only justmanaged to win a spot.

Having to wait for my good lady in Office Works, I chanced upon the comment by David Turner (Letters 18/4)regarding parking in the very place I landed.Methinks this bloke knows what he’s talking about.

My dear one had an appointment and, being the good hubby, I decided to wait and have a coffee at Macca’s in King Street. I noticed their car park was full, but luckily a vehicle was leaving for me to park in its place.Gee, I thought, Macca’s is really doing well with such a full carpark. To my dismay, when I enteredthere were only six people and two kids seated. Where were all the others? Maybe there is a secret dining room hidden away somewhere thatI don’t know about?When I left, all the same vehicles were still there. Please let me know where the other dining room isso I can park all dayif I need to.

Ray Cross,MorpethLOTS ON OFFER, OLD AND NEWPHILIP O’NEILL (“Time to stop our unique towns being ‘malled’, Opinion 19/3) I always read your columns in the Newcastle Herald with interest and recently came across this one.

Maitland has just welcomed Stockland’s $414 million shopping mall development at Greenhills, and we are also a major growth centre in terms of greenfield housing in the Hunter.I would like to think that we are also putting life back into the CBD, the old city, with all those heritage facades along the High Street where the gallery, a happy co-existence of the old and the new, stands proud.We have just completed an $18 million upgrade to the public domain which includes a great piece of contemporary architecture in the Riverlink Building, which will be officially opened this week. It see us embracing the river once again and stands as a signal of new life and optimism.

We have also embarked on laneway upgrades and a dynamic space activation program which is delivering people into public spaces and many arts and creative activities in our streets. This has led to an emerging arts community, which delivers to the CBD apoint of difference to the shopping malls.Whilst the precinct is called the Levee, High Street remains the high street.

Should you ever have the time to visit, I would be happy to show you around and discuss our plans to build on the history which already sits here in a way thatmaximises adaptive reuse of our buildings and invites people to gather, linger and talk on the corner.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Loretta Baker, Maitland mayor

Short Takes: readers have their say on the day’s news

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EVERYtime a comment is made about Supercars, Mark Creek (Short Takes 19/4)advises them “to stop the ranting” or “move on”. Mark, you have to realise that we live in a democracy and just because you are a Supercars fan you can’t shut down comment even though Supercars would like you to. You have your three days of enjoyment at the expense of major disruption to the East End residents and business. You would get the same enjoyment if the race was run somewhere other than a residential area.

John Hudson,Newcastle EastTHE state government has rejected Google’s plans, for the second time, to create a head office in Sydney (“State government rejects plans for Google HQ in Sydney”, Sydney Morning Herald 17/4). How about our elected local representatives of all levels petition to have the head office built here on the last remaining harbour side lots at Honeysuckle? Estimated to create 10,000 jobs and putting Newcastle on the map, we’d be stupid not to try and insteadwatch Google move to Melbourne.

Greg Fogarty,NewcastleIT will certainly be interesting to see which commentators appear on Fox and Seven next summer during the cricket season. There could be a few surprises.

David Davies,Blackalls ParkI WAS in town,so I had another geek at Shepherds Hill Cottage. Apart from a temporary fence around the perimeter, scaffolding to the roof and a site office, all of which have been there for some months, it seems to me that nothing has been done.Oh, there are a couple of signs inviting expressions of interest for its future occupation. Newcastle Council had better hurry up. The $1.5 million budget may soon be blown paying for the rent of the fence, the scaffolding and the site shed! It might be time to call in a couple of carpenters, a brickie and a plasterer to get the place restored. After all, as I’ve said before, it’s a little weatherboard house, not a giant sandstone post office!

Lee Craddock,Warners BayJANBynon (Letters, 14/4) had a query of why it was not possible to turn left into Parkway Avenuefrom Union Street. I believe you are allowed to turn left into Parkway Avenue from Union Street. The signs you observed are there to inform drivers not to turn left onto the wrong side of the divided road.

Alan Hamilton,Hamilton EastI HAVE just read the article re the record number of cranes in Newcastle and the projected population explosion that’s predicted – my question is how are all these extra people going to get from A to B? Certainly not on our non-existent transport.

Sue Fower,WaratahTUNE in 8pm Friday night for a continuation of the Commonwealth Games 10-metre platform at Suncorp Stadium. Billy Slater, diving for the Storm.

Matt McAlary,WaratahI BELIEVE everyone dealing with the live export trade should be charged with animal cruelty. We all seem to know about the terrible mistreatment of livestock, yet for the sake of money turn a blind eye. Shame.

Jeanette Lambie,Weston

One month to go till the royal wedding

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be married in a month’s time at St George’s Chapel.EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PRINCE HARRY AND MEGHAN MARKLE’S UPCOMING WEDDING

* The couple will tie the knot at midday on Saturday, May 19 at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. It will be 9pm Sydney time

* The Dean of Windsor will conduct the service with The Archbishop of Canterbury set to officiate the couple’s wedding vows

* After the service, the couple will take a carriage procession along the route from St George’s Chapel, through Windsor Town, then returning to Windsor Castle

* A reception at St George’s Hall, hosted by The Queen, will be held after the service with around 600 guests invited

* Later in the evening, Harry’s father, the Prince of ,Wales will host a reception at Frogmore House for the couple and around 200 of their close friends and family

* Regiments and units of the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces, which hold a special relationship with Prince Harry, will provide the ceremonial support at the wedding and carriage procession

* Included are the 3 Regiment Army Air Corps and The Royal Gurkha Rifles, who Harry served with in Afghanistan

* Floral designer Philippa Craddock will create the flower displays for their wedding

* White garden roses, peonies, foxgloves and branches of beech, birch and hornbeam, which will all be in season, are expected to be used

* After the wedding, the couple have arranged for the flowers to be distributed to charities

* Pastry chef Claire Ptak, the owner of London’s Violet bakery, will make the royal wedding cake – a lemon elderflower cake, covered in buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers

* Ms Ptak’s business is focused on using seasonal and organic ingredients, she was previously interviewed by Ms Markle for her former lifestyle website TheTig南京夜网

* Invitations to the wedding followed royal tradition and were made by Barnard & Westwood

* The invitations were issued in the name of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and feature the Three-Feathered badge of the prince printed in gold ink

* Official heads of states have not been included on the guest list.

Australian Associated Press

Allow Club Marine to float your boating

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