53kg python slithers in for yearly checkup

27/11/2018 Posted by admin

Monster the reticulated python weighed 53kg at her last check-up in 2017.At last check, Australia’s largest python in captivity Monster weighed in at 53 kilograms and measured 5.28 metres – but after a year on a goat diet, it’s time for her annual weigh-in.

Monster will slither onto the scales at 10am on Thursday at the Australian Reptile Park for her yearly check-up.

Zookeepers will be on alert though, following an outing in December when Monster bit experienced reptile handler Jake Meney on the hand while he and others were carrying her to get some sun and fresh air.

“It was crazy, I had the longest species of snake hanging off my arm,” Mr Meney said at the time.

He has since recovered from his little “love bite”.

“She is a good snake, it was just that day was hot and pushing 40 degrees,” Mr Meney told AAP.

Reticulated pythons are so dangerous they have been known to swallow humans whole in their native southeast Asia when they take a bite before coiling around the victim’s neck and suffocating it.

In 2016, Akbar Salubiro, 25, was swallowed boots and all by a 158kg reticulated python while harvesting palm oil in Indonesia, however, Australian zookeepers say Monster is happy with her goat diet.

Australian Associated Press

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