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What’s in store: 90 metre towers confirmed for iconic city site

27/04/2020 Posted by admin

What’s in store: 90 metre towers confirmed for iconic city site A view from above. Two residential towers, the oval shaped bus interchange with a carpark on top and an office block with ground floor retail space on the corner of Stewart Avenue and Hunter Street. Image: Supplied

A view between The Store site and Newcastle Interchange. Image: Supplied

One of three public open spaces. Image: Supplied

A view of The Store site from Hunter Street. Image: Supplied

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

Andrew Constance announces The Store redevelopment plan. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

Newcastle lord mayor Nuatali Nelmes. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

NSW transport minister Andrew Constance. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

NSW transport minister Andrew Constance announces The Store redevelopment plan. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Store site on April 20, 2018. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

TweetFacebook The Store redevelopmentDoma Group has been chosen to perform a $200 million redevelopment of The Store site in Newcastle. Two 90 metre residential towers will change the city’s skyline, according to new plans for the iconic Store site in Newcastle West.

Doma Group has won the contract for the $200 million redevelopment ofthe land, next to the Newcastle Interchange train station at Wickham, the state governmentannounced on Friday.

The historicfacade won’t be spared whenthe building is demolished later this year, to be replaced with13,000 square metresof office space, retail premises and unit towers–expected to become Newcastle’s tallest buildings.

Read more: National Trust slams Store building demolition

Concept art released on Friday shows the towers emerging from the top of the oval shaped bus interchange–which sits under a carpark–while a new office block with ground floor retail space replaces the existing multi-level carpark on the corner of Stewart Avenue and Hunter Street.

It will bethe Canberra-based firm’s latest addition toa rapidly growing Newcastle portfolio thatincludes four developmentsin the Honeysuckle precinct,aunit blockin Wickham and a projectin Merewether Street.

The companyownsmore than $45 million worth of property across Newcastle–with its constructionprojects having an estimated value of more than $400 million.

Doma Group will also construct the businterchangeas part of the contract.

Transport minister AndrewConstance said the plan would also allow for the expansion of the city’s light rail network.

The Store site the day the redevelopment was announced. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

“The plan shows how innovative, quality design seamlessly integrates the site with the existing Newcastle Interchange and uses quality architecture that is arguably as impressive as the recent NeW Space and court house redevelopments,” he said.

“The Store site is going to be transformed just like the rest of the city to be able to cater for growth, residential, commercial opportunities.

“I know there’s been a lot of conjecture over the years as to what would happen with The Store site.

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“Well, guess what: now we’re going to see The Store site come to life in the way that The Store used to be,the heart and soul of Newcastle.”

Demolition is expected to start in June, before construction begins early next year. The project is forecast to be complete some time in 2020-21.

Doma Group managing director Jure Domazet, who Mr Constance introduced as“my long-time old uni mate”,said he looked forward to delivering“our vision and the city’s vision and the state’s vision for Newcastle”.

“The interchange is very much a transformative project for the city and we recognise [the site’s]iconic status in the past and how important it will be in the future,” he said.

The Store has a colourful place in Newcastle’s history, starting more than a century ago as theNewcastle and District Co-operative Society–thought to be Australia’s first co-op–and was the city’s retail heart for decades.

By the 1950s, it was believed to have been the largest co-operative in the southern hemisphere.

NSW transport minister Andrew Constance announces The Store redevelopment plan, flanked by Newcastle lord mayor Nuatali Nelmes and parliamentary secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

It closed in 1981 after 83 years of operation and has since been on the end of somefailed renewal efforts–including a period as theNewcastlebranch of Sydney’s well-knownParklea Markets.

The state government bought The Storefor $11 million in 2015 before the sitewas put on the market last August.

TheNewcastle Heraldreported last year that the local National Trust branchwas among those who were outraged at the prospect of the building being demolished.

Some in the community suggested thatthe facade, at least, should beretained aspart of aredevelopment because of The Store’s place in the city’s history.

But Mr Constance said the facade had“fallen into a state of disrepair that’s beyond the point where it can be salvaged”.

“So it will go, as part of the development,” he said.“Ultimately, yes, it would have been ideal if it could have been salvaged, but it’s fallen into a state of disrepair and it can’t be.”

Hunter Development Corporation dealt with the redevelopment applications.

HDC chief executive Michael Cassel said theorganisation received no applications for designs that incorporated the existing facade because thedemolitionhad already been approved.

Mr Cassel said a working group was coming up withways to celebrate the site’s history, which would be part ofthreepublic open spaces, but details had notbeen finalised.

“Part of the [review of environmental factors] that was issued byTransport included assessing the viability of retaining the facade and also about celebrating what The Store site means,” he said.

“Part of that approval required us to have a group formed with heritage architects and other people in that sector to advise us how best to interpret the history of The Store site.

“There will be a report that comes out before we start the demolition that will tell everyone how the history of that site will be interpreted.

“We can’t start demolition until that body of work is complete.”

Lord mayor Nuatali Nelmes said the 90 metre height of the redevelopment was part of shifting the CBD west and protecting the heritage of Newcastle’s east end.

“We have to have a good high density population to make a city work.This is what this does on this site,” she said.

“Ninety metres in the west end–that was our vision and that’s what we’ll realise.”

Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp said hewelcomed the announcement andlooked forward to seeing detailed plans.

“The missing piece of the puzzle for the interchange now is a ferry wharf in the west end of the city to support the continued growth of the precinct,” he said.

Parliamentary secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald said the redevelopment was“one of the missing links” to Newcastle’s revitalisation.

“There’s more to do, but we’re moving along,” Mr MacDonaldsaid.

Southwest Airlines pilot pushed boundaries

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Tammie Jo Shults has been praised for calmly landing a plane after a window was smashed midair.Tammie Jo Shults was determined to “break into the club” of male military aviators.

One of the first female fighter pilots in the US Navy, Shults flew training missions as an enemy pilot during Operation Desert Storm, while working with other women to see a rule excluding them from combat flights repealed.

Twenty-five years later, Shults was at the controls of the Dallas-bound Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 on Tuesday when it made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after one of the engines on the Boeing 737 exploded while the plane was travelling 800km/h at 30,000 feet with 149 people on board.

Shrapnel hit the plane and passengers said they had to rescue a woman who was being blown out of a damaged window. The woman later died of blunt force trauma to her head, neck and torso.

Shults calmly relayed details about the crisis to air traffic controllers, and passengers commended her handling of the situation.

“Everybody is talking about Tammie Jo and how cool and calm she was in a crisis, and that’s just Tammie Jo,” said Rachel Russo, a friend from Shults’ church in Boerne, Texas.

“That’s how she’s wired.”

Shults and the other pilot on board, First Officer Darren Ellisor, said in a statement on Wednesday that they were simply doing their jobs.

“On behalf of the entire Crew, we appreciate the outpouring of support from the public and our coworkers as we all reflect on one family’s profound loss,” the two pilots said, adding that their “hearts are heavy.”

Shults was commissioned into the Navy in 1985 and reached the rank of lieutenant commander, said Commander Ron Flanders, spokesman for Naval Air Forces in San Diego.

She was among the few to learn to fly the F/A-18 Hornet, a single-seat jet and the Navy’s premier strike fighter aircraft, a privilege reserved for elite pilots, according to retired Navy helicopter pilot Andi Sue Phillips.

“When you pull those g’s, you can actually feel your organs slamming on the inside of your ribs,” Phillips said.

“It’s exhausting to put your body through those manoeuvres.”

Phillips said that that there was a lot of resistance for women to fly jets and for Shults “to fly a fighter aircraft when nobody even wanted her there is pretty amazing.”

Australian Associated Press

Comey memos record Trump on ‘hookers’

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Former FBI director James Comey has no problem with his memos being handed to US Congress.Donald Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey about the possibility of jailing journalists and described a boast by Vladimir Putin about Russian prostitutes, according to Comey’s notes of talks he had with the US president.

The 15 pages of documents obtained by The Associated Press contain new details about a series of interactions between Trump and Comey.

Those seven encounters in the weeks and months before Comey’s May 2017 firing include a Trump Tower discussion about allegations involving Trump and prostitutes in Moscow.

They also include a White House dinner at which Comey says Trump asked him for his loyalty and an Oval Office discussion where the ex-FBI head says the president asked him to end an investigation into Michael Flynn, the former White House national security adviser.

Comey’s interactions with Trump are a critical part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether the president sought to obstruct justice.

Late on Thursday Trump tweeted that the memos “show clearly that there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION.”

The president also accused Comey of leaking classified information.

In explaining why he wrote the memos, Comey has said he “knew there might come a day when I would need a record of what had happened” to defend not only himself but the FBI as well.

The memos cover the first three months of the Trump administration which included revelations of an FBI investigation into potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In a February 2017 conversation Trump told Comey how Putin told him, “we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world” even as the president adamantly distanced himself from a salacious allegation concerning him and prostitutes in Moscow, according to one memo.

In another memo, Comey recounts how Trump at a private White House dinner pointed his fingers at his head and complained that Flynn, his embattled national security adviser, “has serious judgment issues.”

By that point, the FBI had already interviewed Flynn about his contacts with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, and the Justice Department had already warned White House officials they were concerned Flynn was vulnerable to blackmail.

Flynn was fired on February 13, 2017, after White House officials said he had misled them about his Russian contacts by saying that he had not discussed sanctions.

The following day, according to a separate memo, Comey says Trump cleared the Oval Office of other officials, encouraged him to let go of the investigation into Flynn and called him a good guy.

Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and is now cooperating with Mueller’s investigation.

The memos also show Trump’s continued distress at a dossier of allegations – compiled by an ex-British spy whose work was funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign – examining potential ties between him and his aides and the Kremlin.

Comey writes how Trump repeatedly denied to him having been involved in an encounter with Russian prostitutes in a Moscow hotel.

“The president said ‘the hookers thing’ is nonsense,” Comey writes.

The documents also include the president’s musings about pursuing leakers and imprisoning journalists.

Comey is on a publicity tour to promote his new book, A Higher Loyalty.

Australian Associated Press

‘My boyfriend’s been shot’: Qld man slain

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A 24-year-old man has died in hospital after being shot at a unit block north of Brisbane. Forensic officers have examined the grounds of a Brisbane block where a young man was fatally shot.

A woman began screaming her boyfriend had been shot, shocking the neighbours awake.

But the man, named as Jacob Bell from Deception Bay, could not be saved and the 24-year-old later died of a chest wound in a Brisbane hospital.

The drama north of the city began when residents of a unit block in Petrie heard a single gunshot after midnight on Friday, followed by a woman’s screams.

Homicide detectives have interviewed several witnesses to the shooting, some of whom told reporters the woman was screaming the man was her boyfriend.

Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming said there had been no forced entry to the property, and the man who died did not live at the unit but was known to the occupant.

His brother Jayden Bell told The Courier Mail “karma would come strong for the scum who did this”.

“A young man has died in unacceptable circumstances … we will find the person responsible for this and bring them to justice,” Det Supt Fleming said.

He said several people were in the unit at the time of the shooting but stressed it was not a party.

“There was an engagement, a relationship, with a group of people there and during the course of that the young man was shot,” he said.

Witnesses reported hearing people “freaking out about the police” before fleeing in cars.

Det Supt Fleming said police were yet to find the murder weapon and couldn’t confirm what sort of gun it was.

Police believe several people might have witnessed the shooting and urged anyone with information to come forward.

Police also want to hear from anyone who was in the area between Young St, Dayborough Rd or Anzac Ave between 11pm on Thursday and 12.30am on Friday.

Investigators also urge anyone with dashcam footage to come forward.

Australian Associated Press

Dog’s lucky escape after 10-metre fall off remote bridge

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Dog’s lucky escape after 10-metre fall off remote bridge Lucky being transported to the et after he was rescued by the SES. Pictures: supplied.

TweetFacebookPictures supplied by NSW SES Wingecarribee Unit. A very lucky dog that fell 10 metres off a bridge has another chance at life thanks to SES crews.

The team of volunteers rescued the dog, Rex, after he fell from a bridge on a remote road near Sutton Forest, in the NSW Southern Highlands, on Wednesday.

SES crews were notified about the injured pooch by a triple-0 call and found him with two broken legs.

The SES applied first aid before transporting him to a vet in Moss Vale.

The dog’s name was Rex and he was recently rescued from the pound.

However,SES volunteers decided to name him Lucky.

Lucky has a long recovery ahead of him before he makes a trip to his new home in Karatha, Western Australia.

The SES volunteers wished him a speedy in a Facebook post.

Southern Highland News

All Aged Stakes: Newcastle-trained trio chase comeback win

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This time last year, the Paul Perry-trainedThe Mission stormed to a bold front-running win in the Champagne Stakes and Kris Lees’Le Romain narrowly missed a fourth group 1 victory when second to Tivaci in the All Aged Stakes at Randwick.

BACK ON TRACK: The Paul Perry-trained The Mission winning the 2017 group 1 Champagne Stakes (1600 metres) by more than two lengths as a $9 chance with Damian Lane aboard. Picture: bradleyphotos出售老域名.au

Lees’ Clearly Innocent was scratched on the day but broke through a month later for his group 1 win in the Kingsford-Smith Cup at Eagle Farm.

But a year, or at least 11 months, can be a long time in racing.

The Newcastle-trained trio clash in the All Aged Stakes (1400 metres),featuring TJ Smith winner Trapeze Artist,on Saturday searching for their first success since.

Le Romain’s last victory was in the Canterbury Stakes in March 2017 and his only placing since the All Agedwas a second in the Missile Stakes.

Surgery to repair a twisted bowel restricted the five-year-old gelding to two spring runs and delayed his autumn return.He resumed with seventh and fourth in the Galaxy (1100m)and TJ Smith Stakes (1200m) respectively and both times impressed Lees with his work to the line in preparation for the more suitable distance this Saturday.

“I think he’s ready to run up tohis best,” Lees said.“I’d be surprised if he doesn’t.”

CLOSE: Le Romain, left, second to Trivaci in the All Aged. Picture: bradleyphotos,

Lees said the six-monthbreak from racing “meant he was just a bit bigger in condition so he was going to take a couple of runs to get to his best”.

Le Romain, from gate 12,was on the third line of betting at $8.50 with TAB Fixed Odds and would be shorter on rain-affected going. Randwick was a Good 4 on Friday.

“He can raceon firm ground, he just prefers soft ground,” Lees said.“It just wipes a few others out, that’s what works for him.”

Clearly Innocent, a $23 chance from barrier seven, has resumed with sixth in the Southern Cross, Canterbury and George Ryder Stakes.

“I thought his first-up run was very good. His second-up was only plain, then the last one was a bit inconclusive against Winx,” Lees said. “He’s four weeks between runs, the only thing was I was desperate for a bit more rain for him.”

Past the All Aged Stakes, Lees said “bothcould end up in Brisbane. If we get some wet ground up there, that’s still an option for them.”

The Mission, meanwhile, was a $23 chance from gate three after two encouraging fifths in the Galaxy and TJ Smith. The Choisir colt had a disappointing spring but has finished strongly in top company recently after being ridden back in the field.

“This time around he’s come back so much better,” Perry said.

BREAKTHROUGH: Clearly Innocent wins the Kingsford-Smith Cup. Picture: AAP

“He’s probably being ridden a bit different, blinkers, things like that. He seems to be in a good place at the moment anyway.”

Perrywill have $34-shot Ragged Rascal in the Champagne, which also features El Dorado Dreaming for Newcastle trainer Ben Smith.

“Going two runs back, he probably should have run a place there,” Perry said.

“Last start he probably never had the best of runs. He’ll run a nice race, I feel.”

Lees, meanwhile, has opted to runStar Reflection in the group 3 Hall Mark Stakes (1200m) rather than a benchmark handicap.

“She never runs a bad race,” Lees said.“It’s a pretty strong race but she’s quite capable of running a place in that.”

Newcastle trainer Jay Hopkins has Got Unders from gate three two in the same race.

Elsewhere on the program, Lower Belford trainer Todd Howlett has Nic’s Vendetta in the Highway Handicap (1200m) and Yuralla Boy in the group 3 Frank Packer Plate (2000m).

Wyatt Knight the lucky charm for NRL visitors

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HOUSE OF KNIGHTS: Wauchope locals Cindy and Pippa Lawler with lucky charm Wyatt and Shane and Sasha Baum. Photo: Gareth Gardner 200418GGD001THERE’LL be a little Newcastle Knights good luck charm sitting in the stands at Scully Park on Saturday.

He might only be three-months-old but young Wyatt has already notched-up a few NRL games, as a spectator.

Newcastle are two wins from two with the Wauchope-bub in the stands, and on his first away trip, his parents hope the winning ways will roll on.

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Newcastle Knights claim Tamworth ahead of NRL clash with Wests TigersNRL Tigers Knights clash a win for Tamworth businessTamworth Regional Councilthrows $20,000 sponsorship at Tigers-Knights NRL gameThe family-of-five are all Knights’ supporters and make regular trips from Wauchope to Newcastle to cheer-on the team.

Shane Baum said the Tamworth game was the same distance away as Newcastle, so it gave them one more chance to watch their beloved Knights.

“I was the only Knights supporter to start with I took Cindy down and she got hooked,” Mr Baum said.

Their kids are all on-side too, decked-out in the team’s kit.

“To actually meet the players and watch a game. This is going to be etched in the memories of people forever.” @RaidersCanberra legend Alan Tongue says #NRLKnightsTigers clash will be a boon for bush footy #[email protected]://

— Jacob McArthur (@jlmcarthur4) 16 April 2018Trekking Tigers take over Tamworth SUPER FAN: Tigers’ fan Shay Quilty and his Tamworth partner Larissa Lockrey are embarking on their biggest-trek for a footy match this weekend. Photo: Supplied

THE Tigers are on the prowl and they’re coming to Tamworth from around the country.

The Sydney-based Wests Tigers club will have supporters at Scully Park coming from the city, as well as Brisbane, Dubbo, Moree and beyond.

It’dbe fair to describe Sydney-man Shay Quilty as a footy fanatic, a ticketed member of the Tigers for 10 years and he’s going to attend 26 games of league this year.

The trek to Tamworth will his farthest for a footy fix, but there was no chance hewould miss the chance to see the Tigers in his partner’s, Larrisa Lockrey, hometown.

The pair got their tickets for the game in December andMr Quilty said it was no surprise the Tamworth clash had sold-out.

He said he’d back a regular Tamworth Tigers fixture if it was worth it for the team.

“It’d have to be worthwhile for the club, they are giving up a home game,” he said.

“The NRL should give incentives to take the games away.”

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 出售老域名.

Minister reveals Doma Group’s $200 million plan for The Store overhaul

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Minister reveals Doma Group’s $200 million plan for The Store overhaul The Store in the early 1900s.

The Store in the early 1900s.

The Store in the early 1900s.

TweetFacebookDoma Group will perform a $200 million redevelopment of The Store in Newcastle West, the state government has announced.

The redevelopment will consist of 13,000 square metres of stand alone office space two residential towers and retail space.

Read more:The Store likely to be demolished

“The plan shows how innovative, quality design seamlessly integrates the site with the existing Newcastle Interchange and uses quality architecture that is arguably as impressive as the recent NeW Space and court house developments,” transport minister Andrew Constance said.

Read more:Fond memories of working at The Store

The government bought The Store site for $11 million in 2015 before it was placed on the market last August.

The government has also market tested plans for a new bus and coach interchange at the location – next to the Newcastle Interchange train station.

Watch the noon press conference below.

Qld man dies from eastern brown snake bite

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A man has died from an eastern brown snake bite at a home in north Queensland.A north Queensland man bitten on the arm by an eastern brown was holding it and asking neighbours what species it was when he collapsed and died.

Paramedics were called to a property at Deeragun in Townsville about 5.20pm on Thursday.

Neighbours had already started giving the man – aged in his 40s – CPR when they arrived, but he died at the scene.

Brett Boggs was one of the people who tried to revive the man.

“It was pretty hard, it was scary at the time, I didn’t really have time to think about it. Just had to do it,” he told the ABC.

Mr Boggs said the man had come to his home to ask him what type of snake it was.

“He had it in his hands – I wasn’t entirely sure – it was brown so it looked like a brown snake to me,” he said.

“I said, ‘I’m pretty sure it’s poisonous’.”

Mr Boggs said the man didn’t seem too concerned by the bite after someone down the road said it may have been a tree snake, but within a few minutes he heard a woman yelling for help.

It is not known if the snake was alive or dead when he was holding it.

A Townsville Snake Catchers spokesman told AAP it was a 1.5m eastern brown, which is one of Australia’s deadliest snakes.

Statistics released by the National Coronial Information Service in March 2017 showed 35 people died as a result of a snake bite between 2000 and 2016.

The eastern brown was responsible for 23, or 65 per cent, of those deaths.

Dr Ronelle Welton, from the University of Melbourne’s Australian Venom Research Unit, authored the study.

At the time of its release, Dr Welton said one-fifth of fatalities occurred when people tried to pick up the snakes.

“People should not attempt to pick up snakes, and need to be encouraged to practice appropriate first aid and know CPR,” she said.

Townsville Snake Take Away’s Jamie Chapel took to Facebook on Friday to urge people to be careful around the reptiles.

“If you’re ever bitten by a snake or suspect you have been, never wait, call an ambulance and never try to kill the snake, it’s not worth losing yours or someone else’s life over,” he wrote.

“No snake is ever harmless, it’s either venomous or non-venomous and any snake that feels threatened will bite in defence, do not take the chance, call a snake catcher.”

Mr Chapel also said everyone should have some awareness of general, or snake, first aid and CPR, as it could save a life.

Australian Associated Press

Supreme City oust Roar in A-League finals

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Melbourne City coach Warren Joyce will continue his role at the A-League club next season. Stefan Mauk scored the first goal in Melbourne City’s A-League defeat of Brisbane Roar.

Melbourne City have made the A-League’s final four, defeating Brisbane 2-0 in their elimination final with second-half strikes to Stefan Mauk and Nick Fitzgerald.

Warren Joyce’s side delivered on their season of promise on Friday night at AAMI Park, bossing the Roar from start to finish.

City might have won by a bigger margin but they’ll gratefully take their prize; a semi-final away to Newcastle next Friday.

Brisbane barely fired a shot – metaphorically or literally – against City, ending their season with a whimper.

From the opening minutes, the Roar looked like they had spent all their meal tickets reaching the finals.

In contrast, City were well-drilled, full of run and enterprise.

“There’s obviously a lot of aspects to be happy with,” Joyce said.

“We looked like a men’s team didn’t we? Even the boys in it looked like men.”

Bruno Fornaroli and Daniel Arzani impressed but this was a complete team performance.

City kept the tempo high in an attempt to stretch and out-work the more experienced Brisbane side.

They met a disciplined Roar outfit, with makeshift defensive pairing Connor O’Toole and Jacob Pepper holding their own.

City had 10 scoring shots to Brisbane’s one in the first half but Dario Vidosic, Arzani and Osama Malik failed to put decent first-half chances on target.

When Luke Brattan went down clutching his thigh as halftime approached, Brisbane boss John Aloisi might have wondered whether his side had weathered the storm.

Instead, the ex-Roar title winner continued, and City kept up the pressure.

After knocking at the door for an hour, Fornaroli finally opened it.

The Uruguayan pressured Jack Hingert into slipping in the corner, taking possession and setting up Mauk for the opener.

Brisbane awoke from their counter-attacking strategy and pushed forward but Massimo Maccarone couldn’t put a pair of back-post efforts on target.

Their commitment to attack allowed Dario Vidosic to break free and set up Fitzgerald to score in injury time.

City’s win means they will be gunning for their first grand final appearance when they face Jets, in their third semi-final in four seasons.

Brisbane were made to look like counter-attackers by City but Aloisi confirmed that wasn’t their plan.

“City dominated us. It wasn’t what we wanted to do,” he said.

“Credit to them. They pinned us back. They didn’t allow us out and we struggled on the ball.

“We weren’t at our best tonight.”

The negative for City was the crowd.

Just 7,757 turned up for the contest and the club can expect to face FFA sanction for a flare – which ironically glowed in the bright orange of the Roar – ripped prior to halftime.

Australian Associated Press