Dog fighting raids across Queensland

27/04/2020 Posted by admin

More than 50 dogs have been seized after four Queensland properties were raided by the RSPCA.The RSPCA has raided four Queensland properties allegedly linked to dog fighting rings and has seized more than 50 dogs allegedly used for fighting.

RSPCA Queensland inspectors and Queensland Police searched two properties in Logan, one in Redlands and one near Richmond in northwest Queensland in relation to the alleged dog fighting rings, the RSPCA said in a statement on Thursday.

A total of 56 dogs were seized including several which the RSPCA held welfare concerns for and are now under the care of the animal authority.

Several items related to dog fighting such as treadmills and breaking sticks were also allegedly seized.

Queensland Police has confirmed its involvement in the operation which the RSPCA is calling the “first major breakthrough” in 10 years.

Australian Associated Press

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