It’s called a “naked lady party”, but it’s not what you think

27/08/2018 Posted by admin

Party Time: The Seventy-30 group of women will hold a naked lady party on Thursday night. It’s called a naked lady party, but the ladies aren’t actually naked.

They’repartly naked. Kinda.

One of these parties is happening at the headquarters ofFaçon magazine atWickham on Thursday night.

A naked lady party isn’t what you think.

Emma Levineis part ofSeventy30, a group ofNewcastle women in the marketing and communication industry.

“We’ve talkedabout how we all have so much clothing that we just don’t wear, butis too good to get rid of,” Emma told Topics.

“One of the girls in the group, Cheryl Gledhill, said ‘let’s hold a naked lady party’.”

Cherylexplained thatthis kind of party was a clothing swap.

She told Emmathat“when you have a clothing swap, everyone gets a little bit naked as you try everything on”.

The party will focus onwork clothes.

“Work-wear is expensive,” Emma said.

“When you’re just starting a job, it can be really hard to get all the bits and pieces that you need to feel the part. If you don’t look the part, it’s hard to feel it.”

Emma said a lot of women have good work clothing in their cupboards, but for one reason or another they don’t wear it anymore.

Thursday’s party is open to anyone. A glass or two of wine will be poured, as clothing is tried on and swapped.

“We’re lucky enough to be able to use the Façon studio, which has mirrors andclothing racks,” Emma said.

“It’ll be a really cool space to be in.”

Anything that doesn’t getswapped will be givento Got Your Back Sista, aNewcastle-based organisation thathelps domestic-violence victims get their livesback together.

The partybegins at5.30pm, with clothes-swapping to kick off about 6pm. Find more detailsat the Facebook pageNaked Lady Party, hosted by Seventy30.

Unhappy little Vegemite A serious case of Vegemite deficiency.

Topics couldn’t help but noticethe story on page 7of today’s Herald about the $7 gourmet Vegemite toast, served at Core Espresso in Darby Street.

We weredrawn to thegenerous dollop of the yeasty black stuff and thetrendy breadboard upon which it was served. We must say, the breadboard did a fine job of imitating a plate.

Some people might think the cafe went overboard with the Vegemite, but we’d argue it’s better to have more than less.

Topics once heard about abloke whose relationship hit the skids, after he seriously skimped on the Vegemite whilemakinghis girlfriend toast.

Take a look at this photo of a piece of toast with a serious Vegemite deficiency and you’ll get the picture.

A Space Oddity A concretion is a geological oddity.

This round-shaped object is what’s called a “concretion”.

Kurri Kurri’s Col Maybury saida kind citizen once donated itto him.

“It’s a naturally-occurring oddity of hematite, limestone, sand and gravel,” he said.

Therocky spheres are a bit of a geological mystery. Some say theyform when a mineralcements sediment around a leaf, tooth, piece of shell orfossil.

Col says they can be formedin a nest-shaped spacein a running stream.

“Theyvaryin size from the 2-millimetre blueberries [also known asMartian spherules] on Mars, tothe 3-metreconcretions of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.”

Col’s concretion is 30 centimetresin diameter and weighs 30 kilograms.

“I have seen them embedded in sedimentary rocks atop mountains outside Wollombi and in a creek bed south ofAbermain.”

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