Keolis Downer hires former Property Council boss for new post

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Keolis Downer hires former Property Council boss for new post Former Property Council of Australia Hunter chapter boss Andrew Fletcher has taken up a role with Keolis Downer – the operator of Newcastle’s public transport.

Keolis Downer Hunter general manager Mark Dunlop believes Mr Fletcher’s appointment will strenghten community engagement.

TweetFacebookNewcastle’s public transport operator has created a new role toengagewith the community, government agencies and elected representatives.

Keolis Downer Hunter has named Andrew Fletcher, the former boss of the Property Council of Australia’s Hunter chapter, as its first corporate affairs director.

He started in the positionon Mondayafter he announcedhisresignation from the Property Council in February,where he had been for almost seven years.

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As part of therole, Mr Fletcherwill managestrategic marketing, brand management and corporate communications–it will also be his job to direct the company’s engagement with the community, government agencies andMPs.

Hesaid the chance to work with Keolis Downer was“an opportunity I relish”.

“The focus of my work in recent years was promoting the vision of metropolitan Newcastle as a globally competitive and connected city, with unrivalled urban mobility at its heart,” Mr Fletcher said.

The newrole comes during a storm around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie’s bus network–including public protests, petitions andspeeches in parliament–that’s been brewingsince a new timetable was introduced in January.

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When asked for his thoughts on the situation, Mr Fletcher said: “the network is currently under review based on feedback received since the new network was launched and further refinements will be made over the coming months”.

“Our aim at Newcastle Transport is to increase public transport patronage by providing the best possible service for the people of Newcastle.”

Before his timeat the Property Council, Mr Fletcher spent five years asHunter Tourism’s CEO.He told theNewcastleHeraldhe wanted to be part of the team that would“enhance urban mobility to the point where public transit is the best choice for most journeys – leading to a safer, healthier and more accessible city”.

“Modern cities are increasingly connected.In the way we live and work, as well as the way data, goods and services travel around our communities, urban mobility now defines a city as globally competitive,” he said.

“The historic difference for Newcastle will be the integration of bus, ferry and light rail services under the one service contract.”

Keolis Downer Hunter general manager Mark Dunlop said Mr Fletcher’s appointment would strengthen community engagement.

“Andrew has been closely involved with Newcastle’s revitalisation since the strategy was first released in 2012 and he knows the Hunter inside-out,” hesaid.

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