Marshall wants Google in Adelaide

27/04/2020 Posted by admin

South Australia is pitching Google to consider setting up its Australian HQ in Adelaide.The South Australian government has approached tech giant Google in a bid to have the company relocate its Australian headquarters from Sydney to Adelaide.

Premier Steven Marshall says the government has put a proposal to the company, including possible locations such as the Old Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

“We would bend over backwards to get Google to South Australia because they’re a great international company which inspires young people,” Mr Marshall told reporters on Thursday.

“South Australia and in particular Adelaide has got a huge amount to offer Google.”

The SA approach comes after the NSW government rejected a proposal for Google to establish a new headquarters in a technology hub in Sydney.

Mr Marshall said Google’s response to SA so far was that it was still wedded to the concept of staying in Sydney but if that changed the company would engage with the state government.

“Well I’m not waiting for them to change their mind,” he said.

“We’re on the front foot. We’ve put forward information.”

The premier said Adelaide would offer the company a lower cost business environment and a better lifestyle for its employees.

Australian Associated Press

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