Mystery insects die in their thousands at ShortlandVIDEO, PHOTOS

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Mystery insects die in their thousands at Shortland | VIDEO, PHOTOS Plague Proportions: Masses of dead insects have been showing up in Shortland.

The dead insects up close.

The insects up close.

TweetFacebookBefore him went the pestilence, and burning coals went forth at his feet.

Hmm,that passage from the Bible sounds like it was made just for the Hunter Region.

But we’re not invoking the Bible purely because of our famous coal deposits.

Nor are we getting biblicalbecause of themozzie plague that has descended in disturbing fashionon our great lands in recent weeks.

But we felt we had no choice but to quote the Bible when we saw this picture of hoards of dead insects on the Shortland porch of Dick McGuigan.

Dick told Topics that these mystery insects had been showing up dead on his porch for weeks now.

The picture showed the worst night of casualties.

“I sit out on the porch every morning and read the paper,” Dick said,adding that he uses a cordless blower toblowthem onto the lawn.

“Birds comes down and have a bit of a pick,” he said.

He swears blind that he didn’tuseweapons of mass destruction onthe insects.Wasan insect disease to blame[pestilence]?

Dick wondered whethercooler temperatures at night might be the cause.

He also took a video of the insects when they were alive.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said.

“They were on my arms and I didn’t get bitten.”

Dick wondered whether they might be juvenile mosquitoes.

University of Sydney entomologistCameron Webb said some of the insectsmay not be mozzies but“non-biting midges”.

“Midges often swarm in big numbers at this time of year,” Dr Webb said.

Dickdoes see midges in his suburb, but said the mystery insects appeared to be larger than those creatures.

We showed close-up images of the insects toUniversity of New England Associate Professor of EntomologyNigel Andrew.

“It’s hard to tell from the images – but it looks like it could be a few different flies andmosquitoes.Maybe evena bug,” he said.

Google to Newcastle?The City of Newcastleis stepping up its campaign to lure Google to Newcastle.

How could Google resist this?

The council tweeted an aerial picture of the spectacular Nobbys beach, Hunter River andthe CBD.

“Hey @Google forget looking for a HQ in Sydney and head up the freeway to Newcastle #googleHQnewcastle #wearethecoolkids,” the council tweeted.

Also included was alink to a story about the NSWgovernment rejectinga plan to create a Silicon Valley-style technology hub on the old railyards near Redfern.

The hub, which apparently would have created about 19,000 jobs, would have been Google’s new base.

As for alternate sites, Google said it was “assessing a number of options”.

So why can’t Newcastle be a Silicon Valley-type place?

Silicon Valley is in the San Francisco area, which is north of Los Angeles.

Newcastle is north of Sydney. Get the picture. Are we reaching?

If Google was to come here, where would its headquarters go?

Strolling TheatreA side street in Maitland will be the scene ofmurder and mayhem on a journey through history.

The Church Street Dramas is a strollingtheatrepiece, which involves the audience following the show around the block.

Along the way, tales will be told from the pages of history, withsensation, crime and a touch of mystery.

The short plays,written and directed by Frank Oakes, aim to accurately portray true historical events thathappened in Church Street over the past hundred or so years.

A colourful variety of funny, gruesome and stirring stories will be told, featuring the likes of child killers, ghosts andwild bulls.

At the conclusion of this melodramatic walk andtalk, spectators will retireto Brough House for a feast suitable forthe times ofoldcrimes.

This project is part of events held to mark 200 years since the first land grants were issued inMaitland.

The show will be held at 4.30pm on six occasions over the next week or so, beginning on Friday.

For further details,phone0418-831-599 oremail [email protected]出售老域名.

[email protected]出售老域名.au

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