Newspoll shows Vic govt losing support

27/04/2020 Posted by admin

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ Labor Party leads Matthew Guy’s Coalition 51 to 49 per cent.Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews insists he’s not concerned by Newspoll figures suggesting his government is losing support.

The slight shift, published on Friday, has given the leaders of the government and opposition a chance to practise their campaign rhetoric for the November state election.

“Elections are always close,” Mr Andrews told reporters when asked about the poll, which shows the Liberals closing the narrow two-party preferred gap over Labor.

“Victorians will have a clear choice to make at the end of the year – whether we go back to a time when not much happened, or whether we keep building, keep investing, and keep getting things done.”

The government leads Matthew Guy’s coalition 51 to 49 per cent, two-party preferred, while in the February-March poll, the results were 52 to 48 per cent.

But voters remain unconvinced about Mr Guy’s ability as preferred premier, with Mr Andrews remaining on 41 per cent compared with the opposition leader, who has climbed four points to 34 per cent since the last poll.

Mr Guy labelled the two-party numbers close “on historical grounds” and said the election could go either way.

“Much closer than many others,” he said of the poll.

“But having said that, what matters is obviously how people vote and more to the point, how they’re going to vote on the day.

“We are going to provide an alternative to Victorians, a sensible, clear, reasonable alternative, and that’s what the choice is going to be in November.”

In the primary vote, the Liberals added two percentage points from 39 to 41 per cent, while Labor also gained one percentage point to 38 per cent, but support for the minor parties remained unchanged.

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