Redhead girls in hunt for gold

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Nicola OwenREDHEAD trio Nicola Owen,Amelia Ross and Claudia Yates will chase gold in the under-17 women’s taplin and board relays on Thursday after a bright start on day one of the Australian surf lifesaving titles.

The open championship started on Wednesday at Scarborough Beach, Western Australia, after the youth and masters titles.

Owen, Ross and Yates won on Wednesday in the board and taplin relays to book their place in the finals. They won the taplin title at the NSW championships.

“We qualified first in both through the semis, so that will be pretty exciting,” Owen said.

Ross, Owen and Kayla Hatcher bowed out in the single ski relay, which they won at the NSW titles.

Owen is chasing the ironwoman and board double in the individual under-17 events after winning both at the state titles at Blacksmiths Beach last month.

“I’ve raced most of the girls at Ocean6 rounds, so I sort of know my opposition,” she said.“I just want to do races without mistakes and give 100 per cent.”

She is alsoracing in the open board, in which she claimed silver at state.

Caves Beach’s Brendan Curran was sixth in under 19 men’s 2km swim on Wednesday.

Masters top 10 results (courtesy of Hunter Surf Lifesaving)

30-34 F Surf Race – 11th Hayley Churchill – R/H

55-59 F Beach Flags – 5th Patricia Stallard – Mere

55-59 F 2km Beach Run – 5th Patricia Stallard – Mere

170yrs Single Ski Relay – 1st R/H – Ray Terrill, Ray Henderson, Alan Boyce

150yrs M Single Ski Relay – 4th Caves – Murray Davis, Bryan Searle , Jason Benn

150yrs M Board Relay – 1st Stock – John Rowlett, Trent Roberts, John Anderson

130yrs Male Taplin – 6th R/H – Luke Nolan, Ray Terrill, Jason Dwyer

130yrs M Board Relay – 6th R/H – Luke Nolan, Ray terrill, Jason Dwyer

110yrs Male Taplin – 7th Stock – Glen Bernard, Paul Bernard, Jason Upton

110yrs M Board Relay – 5th Stock- James White, Paul Bernard, Jason Upton

110yrs M Ski Relay – 2nd – Stock – Glen Bernard, Paul Bernard, Jason Upton * 4th R/H – Ashley Clarke, Luke Nolan, Nathan Stewart

35-39 M Ski – 2nd Jason Upton – Stockton * 3rd James White – Stock * 6th Glen Bernard – Stock

35-39 M Double Ski – 2nd Stock – James White, Paul Bernard * 4th R/H – Ashley Clarke, Dean Little

35-39 M Ironman – 6th Glen Bernard – Stock

35-39 M Tube Race – 7th Dean Little – R/H * 8th Luke Nolan – R/H

35-39 M Board Rescue – 3rd R/H – Dean Little, Jason Dwyer * 5th R/H – Ashley Clarke, Luke Nolan * 8th Stock – Paul Bernard, Trent Roberts * 9th Stock – James White, Jason Upton

40-44 M Beach Flags – 3rd Wade Alcock – Caves

50-54 M Board Race – 2nd John Rowlatt – Stock * 8th Bryan Searle – Caves

50-54 M Single Ski – 2nd Murray Davies – Caves

50-54 M Double Ski – 3rd Caves – Murray Davies, Bryan Searle

55-59 M Single Ski – 2nd Alan Boyce – R/H

55-59 M Ironman – 8th John Anderson – Stock

55-59 M Board – 7th Ray Terrill – R/H

55-59 M Double Ski – 1st R/H – Ray Henderson, Alan Boyce

60-64 M Double Ski – 5th Caves – Bob Hunt, John Gifford * 6th R/H – Mike Mckey, Stephen Stallard

65-69 M Single Ski – 5th Mike Mckey R/H

Youth results

U/15 M Board Race – 1st Nick Stoddart S/Bel, 2nd Saxon Coates S/Bel

U/15 Ironman – 5th Saxon Coates – S/Bel

U/15 M Cameron – 2nd S/Bel – Saxon Coates, Ashby Allen, Nick Stoddart & Kalen Gocher – 8th S/Bel – Ben Rees, Kurt Murphy, Dan Chisholm & Beau McGregor

U/15 M 2km Beach Run – 6th Saxon Coates S/Bel

U/15 M Beach Sprint – 4th Fletcher Myers C/Hill & 6th Aidan Mulder C/Hill

U/15 M Beach Relay – 4th Cooks Hill – Fletcher Myers, Tom Sargent, Aidan Mulder & Byron Richards

U/15 M Board Relay – 3rd S/Bel – Saxon Coates, Ashby Allen, Nick Stoddart & 8th S/Bel – Kurt Murphy, Beau McGregor, Kalen Gocher

U/15 M Board Rescue- 1st Saxon Coates, Nick Stoddart S/Bel

U/15 M Beach Flags – 8th Aidan Mulder C/Hill

U/15 F Surf Teams – 4th Cooks Hill – Molly Breasley, Freya Konetschnik, Bella Williams & Sophia McMahon

U/14 Ironman – 4th Dan Chisholm S/Bel , 6th Beau McGregor S/Bel & 8th Flynn Hamilton C/Hill

U/14 M Board Race – 3rd Byron Richards C/Hill & 4th Kurt Murphy S/Bel, 10th Flynn Hamilton C/Hill

U/14M Surf Race – 2nd Dan Chisholm S/Bel

U/14 F Surf Race – 8th Sophia McMahon – C/Hill

U/14 F 2km Beach Run – 6th Mackenzie Clancy C/Hill & 11th Hayley Walmsley – Caves

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