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27/04/2020 Posted by admin

YEARSago we would truck sand from Stockton to the harbour and ship it to Hawaii. Now maybe nature is doing it for us, thus cutting out the middle man.

John Bradford,BeresfieldNIB membership costs skyrocketing, benefits are reducing and share price tumbling. What’s going on Mr Fitzgibbon?

Ron McGregor,HamiltonOh dear, more patronising spin: “A new exciting chapter in the city’s future”, says Jeremy Bath.“This gives certainty”: Scot MacDonald. Yes, but for what? Certainty for, to quote former Newcastle lord mayor Jeff McCloy,“a (transport) recipe for disaster”. And lord mayorNelmes: “Council held them to account every step of the way”.Seriously?

Keith Parsons,NewcastleBEVAN Ramsden (Letters 19/4)says the Syrian government has invited the international body to investigate the chemical weapons usage, and that they have nothing to hide. Well Bevan, tell me why the investigators weren’t allowed in straight away when they asked to go in? Maybe the Syrians needed to clean the area up a bit.You know, pick up any sharp missile partsso the investigators don’t get hurt! Investigators don’t need to know where the missile came from, do they? Seriously, Bevan, Syria had gassed there citizens before and they will probably do it again.

Gregory Grey,MarylandINSTEAD Instead of the Fernleigh Track let’s rename it Kurt’s Track in recognition of a fine man.

David Jack, Adamstown HeightsTHE plan to convert Latrobe Valley brown coal to hydrogen gas (“Victoria turns coal to hydrogen for Japan”, Herald 13/4)involves federal and state subsidies of $100 million.The project is expected to create 400 jobs.Whoopie! That’s $250,000per job from taxpayer money.It would be more energy efficient and cheaper to convert coal to methane gas and ship that to Japan. Better still, why not just burn the coals to make electricity?

Peter Devey,MerewetherTHIS week’s ABCCompass was beyond expectations. It encompassed with sensitivity the lives of young people with a disability. The happiness they shared when they accomplished their particular fields was a joy to behold.

Daphne Hughes,KahibahIN REPLY to Allen Small (Letters 19/4):yes Allen, pathetic one-eyed refereeing in first half of theStorm vsKnights game. After a penalty count of 7/0 I had enough and changed the channel. In the eye of some referees, the Storm cannot do anything wrong in Melbourne.

Colin Atkins,WyongYOU have got to be joking. Who would charge $7 for Vegemiteon toast(“When Vegemite goes viral”, Herald 19/4)? Would it be$5 extra for a slice cheese with my favourite brekky, a Vegemite and cheese toastie? Money for jam takes whole new meaning.

Michael Casey,WaratahVEGEMITE on toast for $7? A hipster and his money are soon parted.

Scott Hillard,New Lambton

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