Short Takes: readers have their say on the day’s news

27/04/2020 Posted by admin

I FOUND itvery interesting on Friday to hear Transport Minister Andrew Constance say that the new building project at Newcastle Interchange has gone to “his good old mate” who happens to be the head of the Doma Group that was awarded the building contract.

Phillip Mallows,StocktonI CAN’T believe families earning over $350,000a year are complaining they won’t get a rebate from the government for childcare. If I was earning that much the last thing I’d be thinking about was having kids.

Darren Sparks,North LambtonMYpersonal view is that I do not care if it is Vegemite on toast or a big breakfast with all the trimmings,it should not be served on a bread board that holds bacteria.Give me a good old fashioned ceramic plate any day.

Steven Wisnie,DudleyI DIDN’T let my green slip refund slip away. Well my February payment gave me a $16 refund. So I bought a bottle of wine and toasted the fact that the NSW government advertisements cost me a lot more.

Ann Ellis,MerewetherHERE here Melville Brauer (Short Takes, 19/4). In my view Macca’s opening early would not affect the woman who complained about it at all. I also believe that complaining about something like that is just silly, as it would affect one about as much as encountering someone at their place of work who had tattoos on their body. Oh wait…

Adz Carter,NewcastleAFTER watching news reports you can see why Malcolm Turnbull was dragged kicking and screaming into having a Royal Commission into the banks. The distress and angst they caused to ordinary people is beyond belief. I hope the people who are responsible for this get everything they deserve.

Andy McFadden,Warners BayAFTER reading about rugby league playing seagulls, brain dead drugged drongos and the straw man I suggest that the grandstand opposite The Kurt Fearnley Stand, an excellent suggestion by Dave McTaggart, be renamed The Cheech and Chong Grandstand.

Rocco De Grandis,Cameron ParkMAC Maguire (Short Takes 19/4) reckons young people who vote for the Liberal or National Party will be “traitors to their generation”. Fortunately, most of the them will be fairly well educated and capable of making up their own minds when the time comes. Only a small percentage will eventually be subjected to Trade Union indoctrination on how to vote.

David Stuart,MerewetherI THINK the lettersregarding skimpy athletic wear during the Commonwealth Games, coming from both sides, truly shows equality between the sexes is alive and well.No more does the male have a monopoly on eye candy, and no more the female tied to the tradition of purity, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.In other words, sex sells. Italways has, and it always will.It’s the basic law of nature for life on our planet.

Carl Stevenson,Dora Creek

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