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28/04/2019 Posted by admin

EVERYtime a comment is made about Supercars, Mark Creek (Short Takes 19/4)advises them “to stop the ranting” or “move on”. Mark, you have to realise that we live in a democracy and just because you are a Supercars fan you can’t shut down comment even though Supercars would like you to. You have your three days of enjoyment at the expense of major disruption to the East End residents and business. You would get the same enjoyment if the race was run somewhere other than a residential area.

John Hudson,Newcastle EastTHE state government has rejected Google’s plans, for the second time, to create a head office in Sydney (“State government rejects plans for Google HQ in Sydney”, Sydney Morning Herald 17/4). How about our elected local representatives of all levels petition to have the head office built here on the last remaining harbour side lots at Honeysuckle? Estimated to create 10,000 jobs and putting Newcastle on the map, we’d be stupid not to try and insteadwatch Google move to Melbourne.

Greg Fogarty,NewcastleIT will certainly be interesting to see which commentators appear on Fox and Seven next summer during the cricket season. There could be a few surprises.

David Davies,Blackalls ParkI WAS in town,so I had another geek at Shepherds Hill Cottage. Apart from a temporary fence around the perimeter, scaffolding to the roof and a site office, all of which have been there for some months, it seems to me that nothing has been done.Oh, there are a couple of signs inviting expressions of interest for its future occupation. Newcastle Council had better hurry up. The $1.5 million budget may soon be blown paying for the rent of the fence, the scaffolding and the site shed! It might be time to call in a couple of carpenters, a brickie and a plasterer to get the place restored. After all, as I’ve said before, it’s a little weatherboard house, not a giant sandstone post office!

Lee Craddock,Warners BayJANBynon (Letters, 14/4) had a query of why it was not possible to turn left into Parkway Avenuefrom Union Street. I believe you are allowed to turn left into Parkway Avenue from Union Street. The signs you observed are there to inform drivers not to turn left onto the wrong side of the divided road.

Alan Hamilton,Hamilton EastI HAVE just read the article re the record number of cranes in Newcastle and the projected population explosion that’s predicted – my question is how are all these extra people going to get from A to B? Certainly not on our non-existent transport.

Sue Fower,WaratahTUNE in 8pm Friday night for a continuation of the Commonwealth Games 10-metre platform at Suncorp Stadium. Billy Slater, diving for the Storm.

Matt McAlary,WaratahI BELIEVE everyone dealing with the live export trade should be charged with animal cruelty. We all seem to know about the terrible mistreatment of livestock, yet for the sake of money turn a blind eye. Shame.

Jeanette Lambie,Weston

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