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27/04/2020 Posted by admin

PASSION: Stacey Kelly thrives on bringing employers and employees together to resolve conflict, enhance communication and drive a positive change.Change couldbe the theme tune to Stacey Kelly’s life to date. The Founder and Principal Consultant of Seed Consulting had spent over 15 years, working in and around organisational change when she and her husband decided to make a change of their own, leaving Sydney for their hometown of Newcastle.

Having held senior positions in private and public organisations, Stacey decided to launch Seed People Consulting in 2014, to fulfil her passion for enabling people and unlocking leadership, while helping organisations deliver a sustainable, cohesive culture.

“I guess I came back to Newcastle and wanted to do something that I really did love and this made perfect sense.”

The boutique firm works with councils, not for profitsandcorporations or multinational companies, offeringexpertise across industrial relations, leadership development, team development and organisational change.

“Much of the work that we do is with teams that may be experiencing conflict, undergoing change or transformation projects. We run workshops that aim to bring teams together and resolve conflict or enable clearer methods of communication by learning to understand the different ways that others like to work or engage with colleagues,” Explains Stacey.

With the world in a constant state of change, organisationsoften see workplace productivity fall prey to the need for efficiency and in an “e-society”, individual needsis low on the list of consideration between co-workers.

“Organisations are becoming more aware that technology can’t resolve issues – no matter what industry we work in, change is the only constant and if we are to retain resilient and agile teams we need to work on the development of people,”

“We provide a map forpeople to have honest conversations with each other. There’s generally key issues such as a lack of trust, lack of communication or at least a lack of honest communication, all of which can be escalated by the way in which we connect with each other, particularly if it’s always on email.”

With 3 consultants, each with anarea of focus, clientsbenefit from targeted expertise that helps themidentify the problem, hear the perspectives of others, see triggers and challenges and determine a successful outcome. It’s a process that can varyand requires complete buy-in from management.

“It’s not a silver bullet, we need commitment and engagement fromemployersto enable us to deliver a positive and sustainable outcome.”

Through interactive sessions and thorough feedback Stacey and her team customise their processes for each and every client.

“The return on investment is far greater thancan be measured, organisations often tell us they wish they had done it sooner.”

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