State approves new height limits for NBN TV site and surrounds

27/08/2018 Posted by admin

State approves new height limits for NBN TV site and surrounds CONCEPT PLAN: An artist’s impression of what a residential development on the Mosbri Crescent site could look like.

A concept plan released last year that shows what would be allowable under the new Local Environmental Plan.

TweetFacebookThe state government has approved planning changes that will allow a seven storey unit block at the NBN TV site at The Hill.

The NSW Department of Planning announced on Wednesday that the new Newcastle Local Environmental Planincluded new height limits that would allow construction of atouted 170-apartment complex on MosbriCrescent.

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The changes mean that a height of seven storeys would be allowed at the rear ofthe TV network headquarters site, stepping down to“three to four” storeys fronting Mosbri Crescent.

It comes after Newcastle City Council approved a re-zoning of the area around the TV network base last October, changing Mosbri Crescent and parts of Kitchener Parade from a low to medium density area.

The move received some community objection with concerns about the impact increased residential density would have on traffic, parking,the character of The Hill and affect on the nearby Newcastle East Public School.

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But planning department executive director of regions Steve Murray said the new LEP struck a balance between planning for the future and protecting the character of the area.

“We reviewed the community’s feedback following Newcastle City Council’s public exhibition and saw a clear emphasis on protecting the outlook surroundingThe Hill,” he said.

“As a result, we’ve worked with council to ensure the new planning controls preserve the area’s historic views and local character, and respond to the steep nature of the site.”

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