Vandals hit historic Gallipoli Club in lead-up to Anzac Day

01/03/2019 Posted by admin

Vandals hit historic Gallipoli Club in lead-up to Anzac Day TweetFacebookBEAUMONT Street’s Gallipoli Legion Club is calling for public help to find those responsible for graffiti scrawled across its facade a week out from Anzac Day.

The club posted photos and CCTV footage on its website, deploring the “disrespectful low life delinquents” responsible.

“ANZAC Day is 1 week away and this is how some youths treat the club which was built by the men of ANZAC,” chief executive Michael Cleary wrote in a social media post.

The Gallipoli Legion Club was built in the 1950s after the Gallipoli Legion of ANZAC’s Newcastle branch president, Jack Buxton, won permission to host the first race meeting in Australia held on Anzac Day.

After three years, the proceeds from the day were used to buy a property, build a clubhouse and seek a liquor licence.

The club officially opened in November 1955. Today it hosts live music and functions.

The Gallipoli Club vandalism is not the first time graffiti has struck on the eve of Anzac Day.

In 2015 veterans , police and the public blasted a vandal who wrote their name over those of the fallen on the Anzac Walk at Strzelecki Lookout.

Hunter Street businesses have also reported being struck by vandals, with signage marked in recent days.

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