Vic guide dogs bark over vision rights

27/08/2018 Posted by admin

Hundreds of volunteers will raise awareness for guide dog friendly areas in Melbourne.More than 350 feet and paws will walk the streets of Melbourne as guide dog handlers, trainers and carers highlight the “widespread problem” of access rights.

A group of 125 people, including about 20 low-vision Victorians, as well as 30 guide dogs and pups will be out in force on Thursday to promote greater acceptance and access.

Too often the crucial canine companions are being turned away from public places and Vision Australia is calling for an ‘open paw policy’.

“It’s a widespread problem,” Dr Nicola Cotton said in a statement.

“Not only have our clients been refused access to restaurants, they have also been denied by taxi drivers, supermarkets, hotels, airlines, clothing stores and event hosts.

“In this day and age, this simply should not be happening.”

Australian Associated Press

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