You should be so lucky

27/08/2018 Posted by admin

A guy I know believes he is lucky.

He wins every competition, gets the last room at the hotel and new work opportunities fall into his lap.I’m not someone who believes that some people are more lucky than others, as the scientist in me can’t quite grasp that, butperhaps there is something in how we think about being lucky that can work against us as well as for us.

People who have an external locus of control tend to think what happens to them is either good luck or bad luck and not anything they have agency over. If they are looking to find the right house and they come across it, they are just lucky.People with an internal locus of control believe they can influence what happens in their life.

They realise if they find the right house it’s also because they kept persevering and being open to all opportunities. Those with the internal locus of control tend to have better mental health.

Richard Wiseman, a psychologist and author of The Luck Factor, foundfrom more than 10 years of research that people who call themselves lucky are more likely to be extroverts with more friends and connections and are more open. They also haveless neuroticism (like anxiety and anger). He found “lucky” peoplesaw every interaction as an opportunity.

Perhaps being lucky is more about openness and noticingopportunities?My friend might win more because he enters more competitions or gets work because he is friendly.

What can you do to increase your luck?

Tarnya Davis is a clinical and forensic psychologist and principal of NewPsych Psychologists.

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